Captains Of Finance



Process Analysis & Audit

A Captains Of Finance consultant will audit your processes for optimisation and give you insights in the efficiency possibilities a robot can fulfil. Our analyst will not only document your processes but also suggest improvements.


Results & Planning

The audit outcome will then be translated by our RPA partner, robonext. By simulating different business cases and approaches the next possible steps will then be lined out with you.

Robo Fist

Implementation and Follow-up

The implementation will be rolled out with periodic update meetings involving your co-workers in establishing new working procedures. The latter will enable them devote more quality and time in other and new tasks.


About robonext

Robonext is a fast growing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integrator based in Edegem, Belgium. We automate repetitive and time-consuming business processes with software robots and are specialized in implementing RPA and Artificial Intelligence. Robonext has a proven track record of successful RPA implementations and lots of experience in applying RPA for finance in particular.